Audi Q8 Sport

Volvo has recently started working closely with Google in order to create the next-generation infotainment system. Audi is kind of stealing the thunder as the company is presenting the Audi Q8 Sport concept with an Android-based infotainment system.

Audi Q8 Ssport concept is scheduled to be presented at the Google I/O developer conference this week. It features Google’s popular Android operating system. This system makes the car provide some new functions as Google Play Music, Spotify and Google Assistant.

The infotainment system will also enable the information to be presented on MMI touchscreen display on the dashboard and Audi virtual cockpit.

The navigation system will be based on HERE Maps as the company is basically owned by Audi. You also be able to navigate using Google Maps.

The highlight is that the system will be able to be used by Android, too. Android provides great potential and lots of users. Once you use the system, you will get different services and shorter update cycles.