Audi RS8

With just a couple of days after Audi A8’s debut, PeisertDesign has already rendered an Audi RS8 version of the new model.

The picture presents the model equipped with a huge grille, styled bumpers on both ends, a new honeycomb pattern in black, bigger wheels, and a new rear diffuser. In addition to that, the model has also got RS badges on grille and boot and a contrasting carbon fiber roof.

Audi RS8We are not sure if this Audi RS8 version will ever go into production, but we do know that it will wear the S8 moniker.

The model might also be powered by a Porsche engine with Panamera Turbo’s output. As we all know the new A8 model has the same platform as Porsche Panamera.

The company is also dealing with the development of a possible S8 E-Tron model that might deliver the approximate powertrain as Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid – 671hp.