Jaguar X Concept

The automaker Jaguar is famous for its intention to build vehicles that can impress the world thanks to their imposing design and performance features. This unit is dubbed Jaguar X Concept and it was created by designer Ivan Venkov, who was inspired by the emblematic Jaguar XJ 220 model.

The new car seems to be a futuristic C-X75 but not at all an evolution of XJ 220. It does not matter as it is the perfect variant of modern fast cars, such as McLaren, Ferrari, and Porsche.

Jaguar X ConceptThe design of Jaguar X Concept is marked by lots of aerodynamic characteristics. Sadly, we cannot say if there are or not some active aero features except for the rear wing.

Jaguar X ConceptThere are some outstanding elements, such as the BMW-like grille, peculiar headlights, a massive rear diffuser, large LED strip at the rear, and triple exhaust. You can see the power through the engine, which is a defining feature.

Jaguar X Concept Jaguar X Concept Jaguar X Concept Jaguar X Concept