Alpine SUV

Even if Alpine A110 debuted online a month ago, the company has already mentioned its plans of creating an Alpine SUV.

The SUV is probably going to be launched at the end of the decade. Alpine has also stated that it might work closely with Mercedes-Benz, basing the SUV on the chassis of the small GLA.

Alpine SUVIf it is based on GLA, the size will be pretty much the same, but with a customized design. It is still early to talk about the looks of the car, but this hasn’t stopped artist Anna Gorbunova from creating some designs of the future model.

Alpine SUVIt is known that Alpine intends to create this model as a sporty one and it will possibly come with just two doors. There is also possible that the roofline will be low, with wide and slim windows and with an aggressive design.

Alpine SUVThe renderings are also presenting the model featuring huge wheels, while the headlights and taillights will probably be the same as A110.