VW Arteon Wagon

The world of cars has started to be filled with crossovers and SUVs and that is why we think that wagons are now needed more than ever. For instance, VW Arteon Wagon would probably make a great one, especially if we check the following rendering.

It is just a rendering design, but VW does not exclude the idea of giving its new Passat-based flagship for Europe a wagon form.

According to Elmar-Marius Licharz, VW’s Head of Full-Size Product Lines, the wagon version depends on Arteon’s success. In case that this version is approved, the model’s tank will feature more space – up to 563 liters of your luggage with the seats in place. If you recline them, the capacity increases to around 1,557 liters.

There is probably going to be a difference between the models’ prices. The price for a standard Arteon starts from €49,325 now. It features a 280 hp 2.0 TSI engine. This engine along with 2.0 BiTDI might cost you from €51,600.

Even if we get an Arteon version, VW would probably price them at a €1,000 difference if we are talking about the domestic market. The trim level will not make a huge difference.

USA will receive Arteon models in 2018. There is no official price released yet, but it will probably be more than $34,475.