Volga 2020

The Volga 2020 Concept, designed by Alexander Shtorm is a way of bringing back to life the spirit of Volga-badged vehicles.

The models were the most used cars during the Soviet Union by wealthy Russians, while the common people had Ladas.

Volga 2020As the Soviet Union has disappeared, Russian oligarchs own West’s finest models now.

Volga 2020Its first appearance shows off its muscular lines and low roofline, although it seems to be a little massive from different angles and it has a large panoramic/complete windshield (similar to a Model X), chrome accents (including mirrors), LED daytime running lights, imposing brakes, a dual-tone exterior color, and a beige leather interior. We think that the final result will be a bit harsh.

Volga 2020So, what is your point of view regarding this Volga 2020 Concept?  Could you compare this version with a luxury German model?

Volga 2020