Hennessey Dodge Challenger Demon

2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon with its 840 hp output is considered the fastest road-legal production car. It reaches 60 mph in just 2.3 seconds. But Hennessey Dodge Challenger Demon is ready to come with better performances.

Soon after this monster’s launch, Hennessey Performance got ready to offer the car an impressive upgrade package to the model in order to enhance the figures.

Hennessey Dodge Challenger DemonThe Texas tuner will provide a NHRA-legal roll cage for Demon. This will enable the drivers to reach a quarter mile in less than 9.9 seconds at NHRA-sanctioned events. Besides that, there is also a parachute upgrade available for the model.

Hennessey Dodge Challenger DemonHennessey intends to make this model much faster by equipping it with upgraded supercharger systems. The systems will produce around 1,500 hp, which is almost double the factory output.

Hennessey Dodge Challenger DemonAs much as you want to know the price and the time when it might be ready, this info hasn’t been disclosed, yet.

Hennessey Dodge Challenger Demon