The luxurious, 4 doors sedan is based on a Ford Mustang platform and is powered by a 5 liters V8 engine. The car rides 400 hp and it works with a 6 phase manual gearbox.

The design of the car comprises some of the precedent Ford models’ lines. You will notice that this Ford doesn’t resemble at all the latter Ford concepts, like Reflex or Iosis.


The producers claim that they intended to offer a familiar appearance to this concept, somehow modifying F-250 Super Chief Concept’s design. Nevertheless, the Ford grid remains to be the most symbolic detail of the car.


The seats inside the car are covered in thick black leather, with visible sews and smart touches. You will find the concept’s interior pretty minimalist, yet elegant and comfortable.


The Ford Interceptor concept has brevetted a four-point security system, available on all four seats. The system involves the newest safety belt ever and inflatable belts in the back seat.


The car is powered by a 5 liters V8 Cammer engine, which represents the upgraded version of the 4.6 liters engine installed on Mustang GT.


Ford Interceptor concept: A modern, all-American sedan concept, the Ford Interceptor features substantial, sometimes brutish, surfaces and sections that give the concept its modern, powerful look. (01/05/07)

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