Lamborghini Aventador

Wanting a Lamborghini Aventador is something normal, while affording one is kind of impossible for most of us. Well, the truth is everybody gets to have their passion and explore it differently.

Many people like racing supercars, while others like drawing them, taking pictures of them, writing about them. An interesting passion has been discovered in Taiwan, where one man has created a life-size model of Aventador. The model has been made of paper.

Lamborghini AventadorThis amazing man succeeded in creating the design of the bodywork, as well as accurate taillights, headlights and bumpers. The model has also got an engine cover, a set of exclusive orange wheels and the rear wing made of paper, too.

Lamborghini AventadorAn amazing fact is that the model also features black paper seats installed, completed with yellow edging.

This particular Aventador has been made for Qingming or Tomb-Sweeping Day and we must agree, it is a fantastic piece of work.