McLaren Sports Series Cars

You can now equip your McLaren sports series cars (570S, 570GT or 540C) with a lightweight Akrapovic Slip-On Line titanium exhaust system.

Based on Akrapovic’s reports, the exhaust system is durable and light. It will reduce the weight of the car by 44.5%. Besides that, it will enhance the handling of your McLaren sports series car.

McLaren Sports Series CarsThe highlight of this system is the two handmade carbon fiber tailpipes that are responsible for the exclusive sound of McLaren’s 3.8-liter V8 unit.

McLaren Sports Series CarsIn addition to that, McLaren sports series cars will also feature heat-resistant alloy construction.

McLaren Sports Series CarsIf you want to check the result of an Akrapovic exhaust system on a turbocharged V8 unit, look at this noisy Ferrari 488.