Pininfarina H600

The luxury sedan concept launched by Pininfarina in Geneva is getting ready for production version. Pininfarina H600 was created by Hong Kong-based Hybrid Kinetic Group. This company was founded by Yung Benjamin Yeung, the same person responsible for Chinese automaker Brilliance.

H600 features a hybrid powertrain with a micro-turbine engine. The powertrain delivers around 800 hp. This model is planned to be delivered to the USA and China by the end of the decade.

Pininfarina H600According to a recent interview, the spokesman Carter Yeung has stated that they will keep their promise and will deliver this model to China.

Pininfarina H600After the initial trial production in Italy, this will continue to take place in China. According to HK, they are planning to manufacture more than 200,000 within 5-10 years, besides some other projects of course. So, make sure to check their two other models at the Shanghai Auto Show in April.

Pininfarina H600 Pininfarina H600 Pininfarina H600