Smart Maybach

It is difficult to say NO to a luxurious life, especially when it comes to cars, right? Check out this rendering of a Smart Fortwo presented as a Maybach. Smart Maybach will turn your head and it looks nice. It features a stylish front fascia and massive wheels with a Smart shape.

Even if it is just a rendering, the reactions to it are different. For instance, Aston Martin has introduced Cygnet to the Kei car segment. The model was actually a remodeled Toyota iQ. The company managed to sell around 300 units in two years.

Smart MaybachPeisert Design equipped Smart Maybach with front grille and lights based on the Maybach 6 Concept, carbon fiber panels on the roof and the sides and 22-inch wheels from Maybach S650 convertible. The interior is inspired by 2018 Mercedes S-Class full-length glass instrument cluster or infotainment system. The model is powered by two electric engines driving each wheel.

Smart MaybachEven if it looks strange, it is still a successful rendering. Now you will know for sure what a Mini Maybach is. You also have a video where you can see the design’s evolution of the model.