Ferrari 488

As one of the most wanted sports coupes in the world, Ferrari 488 GTB has got a lot of customers. Misha Designs will help you get your car a new body kit for you model in order for it to look even more eye-catching.

The new body kit features a more prominent splitter, an array of carbon fiber elements and a new front bumper. The roof got upgraded, along with the side skirts and the new covers for the side intakes.

Ferrari 488The back of the car has been equipped with Misha Designs’ rear diffuser, a pair of upward sweeping fixed spoilers with some dark elements.

Ferrari 488Misha Designs adds a set of narrow-spoke 20-inch wheels and finishes the exterior with Satin Supercandy Silver. The new components are in clear-coated carbon fiber. There might be a wide version of the kit available later.

Ferrari 488Ferrari might come up with an even better version of 488 GTB in several years. It is also rumored that they will launch a hybrid version and a track-focused GTO version for 2018. The hardcore model is expected to be 165 pounds (75 kg) lighter and deliver a power of 700 hp (522 kW) from a 3.9-liter biturbo V8 engine.

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