Rowen Toyota Prius

While the Japanese are somehow idolatrizing Toyota Prius, the Americans almost hate it. But this Rowen Toyota Prius might change the Americans’ minds.

Considering that the 2016 Prius comes with an improved smoothness of the course due to changes in the suspension and that in Japan, you can order an all-wheel drive model with an electric engine at the back, which can be useful in difficult sections of the road, the model isn’t that bad at all.

Rowen Toyota PriusThe local tuning firms have played with Prius and tried to transform it into a sports car … or something like that. It’s unlikely that any of the tuned Prius cars will get a V8 engine, but they will manage to surprise everyone with their revised appearance.

Rowen Toyota PriusThis project was created by Rowen International, one of the best Japanese tuning companies. Their logo can be found on various cars, from Lexus RC F to BMW Z4. Considering that they already presented packages for the early Prius models, it is not surprising that the 2016 model has also been updated.

Rowen Toyota PriusIn front of the car, you can see a completely new bumper, in which many LED optics were integrated, making it brighter than a Christmas tree. We counted six separate details, plus two, added to the headlights.

Rowen Toyota PriusThe branded detail from Rowen – angular splitters, can also be seen here. Moreover, the patch on the thresholds was changed, and the rear bumper has got a diffuser.

Rowen Toyota PriusBut most of all we like watching this car from behind, because from this angle it is very similar to the Honda Civic Type-R. A giant wing was installed in place of the small spoiler on the trunk lid. And instead of an inconspicuous exhaust nozzle, four outstanding elements are now installed, just like on Ferrari, BMW M or the same Civic.

Rowen Toyota PriusThe car is painted in pearl white, and besides that, it can brag with its two-colored wheel disks.