Now is the time when Ferrari is not something purely exotic anymore. The Italian car brand is facing plenty of demands and they are trying to deal with it. Or at least handle it decently.

People have to wait for the car they bought at least year. That information was offered by the CEO of Ferrari Australasia, Herbert Appleroth. The most interesting part is that if you order the 488 GTB, Spider, California T or GTC4 Lusso T, you will get your car at least in 2018.

FerrariThere were some rumors and fears that people won’t like the new turbo engines, but it didn’t happen. The example of the 488 and California T is a great one – an absolute success with a huge number of orders.


The boss mentioned that the demand is exceptional because the car features wonderful technologies that is great for everybody and for every day use – high torque, low rpm.

FerrariA totally important car in the waiting list is GT4 Lusso T. This car is the first V8-powered, front engine and four-seater. This model is able to attract new customers because they like it a lot. Out of all the production, 85% in the GT section is V8, which means this is essential.

FerrariFerrari’s business is doing the greatest in all of its history. All the people are wondering what the secret is – it can totally be the V8 engine. Another important thing is that the new GTC4 Lusso T was introduced to smaller markets like Australia Ferrari, hoping to find the new buyers and owners of the amazing cars.

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