Semi Trucks

Semi-truck drivers are as important as cars. Well, these semi trucks bring your car to you. According to the figures, around 70 percent of loads are delivered by trucks in the USA. This means there are around 15.5 million trucks that drive approximately 433 billion miles every year.

Based on the licensing requirements for cars, to become a truck driver is not so easy. You will need lots of time, training and tests.

Semi TrucksAccording to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, underride guards on semi trailers sounds pretty good. This means that the guards will provide protection from side impacts.

Based on another research by IIHS in 2012, side guards could decrease injury risk in 75 percent of car crashes of large vehicles. In terms of tractor-trailers, there is 90 percent. In these cases, guards are definitely effective.

Federal laws demand underride guards on the rear of massive vehicles. However, there are some cities as NYC, Boston and Seattle that demand side guards on all city-owned or contracted trucks. These issues would be less if drivers were more attentive and followed the rules.