Rolls-Royce Phantom V

The 50th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band will be marked by John Lennon’s Rolls-Royce Phantom V ‘s return to London.

The model was Lennon’s before and not it is owned by the Royal British Columbia Museum in Canada. It will be presented at Bonhams starting on July 29th to August 2nd.
John Lennon, the co-founder of Beatles purchased this Rolls-Royce Phantom V on June 3rd, 1965.

The original Valentine Black color of the model is inspired by Lennon’s wish to be a millionaire. The shade of the car was offered by JP Fallon. The finished car first debuted just a couple of days before the worldwide launch of Sgt. Pepper’s.

Rolls-Royce Phantom V was also equipped with a TV, telephone, refrigerator, custom sound system, record player, and a converted rear seat into a double bed.

The model was used until 1969 and then it arrived in the USA.

After a period of time, Rolls-Royce Phantom V was donated by billionaire Jim Pattison to the museum in 1977.