Volvo VNL

Volvo Trucks has created sensations over the internet by presenting its Volvo VNL tractor-trailer. In order to make this in an interesting way, they have invited a three-year-old child, Joel Jovine, to unwrap the oversized box.

Usually, when we watch how kids unwrap boxes everything is hilarious and this VNL tractor-trailer is not an exception.

This toy is actually 72 feet in length and it is more of a full-size tractor. VNL 760 with 70-inch sleeper compartment was boxed and it measures 80x14x18 feet. These figures have set a new Guinness World Record for the biggest unboxing.

The video was shot in Charlotte, North Carolina. If you had a bad day, just watch this little kid unboxing this VNL tractor-trailer.